2020 Reunion Final Location Choice 6/27th Artillery Vietnam
Last Name, First Name Vietnam 6/27th Battery Vietnam Service Dates Home City and State 1. Do you plan to attend 2. Which city is your choice
Willis, Buddy Allpha Nov 66 - Nov 67 Duncan, Oklahoma Yes Branson, MO
Higa, Lester Allpha Apr70 to Jun71 Honolulu, HI Yes Branson, MO
Krueger, Scott Alpha May70 to July71 Atkinson, NH Yes Branson, MO
Liegeot, James Service Mae 66 to Oct 67 Altamont NY Maybe Branson, MO
Porter, Ralph Allpha Dec.69-Jun71 Woodbine, Md. Yes Nashville, TN
Heisler, Jon Allpha Mar 69 to May 70 Brownsville TX Yes Branson, MO
Fillerup, Jim HHB Sep68 to Dec69 Colorado Springs, CO Yes Branson, MO
Nelson, Carl Allpha Sep 68 to Sep 69 Waupaca, Wisconsin Yes Nashville, TN
Parins, Kenneth Allpha Oct.68 to Dec.69 Milwaukee,Wi. Yes Nashville, TN
Weehunt, Dennis Service July 71 to March 72 Aurora, Oregon Yes Nashville, TN
Christopher, Johnny Bravo Jan 1968-Mar69 Waxahachie TX Yes Branson, MO
Williams Mario Allpha Feb 69 to Feb 70 Sublette Ks. Yes Branson, MO
Schritter Dennis F Btry 16th Arty Jun 69 to Sept 70 Pocatello Idaho Maybe Branson, MO
Willingham, David Charlie Sep 68 to Sep 69 Yukon, OK Yes Branson, MO
Holmes Tim. HHB Sep 65. To. Sep. 66 Colorado Springs co Maybe Nashville, TN
stephen burrell HHB 65/66 rochester, new york Maybe Nashville, TN
Johnny Kinder Service Sept 66 sept 67 Loomis Calif Maybe Branson, MO
Mallory Roger HHB Jan 69 to sep.70 Maroa Illinois 61756 Yes Branson, MO
Thomas Larry F Btry 16th Arty Oct 68 to Oct 69 St Louis Mo Yes Branson, MO
Johnson, John Service Jan 68 to Aug 69 Oklahoma City, Ok Yes Nashville, TN
Biggs, William Allpha Jan70 to Mar71 Fishers, Indiana Yes Nashville, TN
Dees, Bruce Charlie July 70 to July 71 Tuttle, OK Yes Branson, MO
korovich gary Allpha Feb 70 to Apr 71 Ashtabula ohio Yes Branson, MO
ATKINS, Tom Allpha Jan-Aug 1969 Lebanon, NH Yes Nashville, TN
Hutchison,larry HHB Sep68 to May 12, 69 Carthage, illinois Yes Branson, MO
Maclaga,Jan Allpha Mar69 to may70 Greenville,NC Maybe Nashville, TN
Watkins Tom Allpha may 67 to may 68 Mc Cordsville, IN Yes Nashville, TN
Smith Robert Allpha Sept 68 to Aug 69 Kenvir , Ky Yes Branson, MO
Kerstiens Robert (Bob) Allpha Jan69 to Mar70 Red Bluff Ca 96080 Yes Nashville, TN
Smith, Steven Allpha Feb 67 to Jun 67 Cassville, Missouri Yes Branson, MO
Holmes. Tim HHB Sep. 65 to.Sep. 66 Colorado springes CO Yes Nashville, TN
Curry, Jack Service Jul67-Jul68 Mendon, IL Maybe Nashville, TN
Wavra, John Allpha May 69 to Jun 70 Omaha, NE Yes Branson, MO
        Branson, MO 19
        Nashville, TN 14
        Total Votes 33