Building HHB Commo Personnel Bunker Quan Loi - February 1969


"What I remember most of that bunker was all the sandbags I filled, and threw while it was under construction.  I do remember a few of the guy's that I shared it with. The best thing about that bunker was it would stay dry when it rained, and man could it rain.  It was also in close proximity to the E.M. club, so it wasn't such a long walk when you had a good drunk going.  When it was finished, the Radio Repair shop was moved from inside the R.T.T. area, to the top of that bunker. That way you didn't have so many people with access to the combination lock on the security gate.  All in all it was home for the time I spent at Quan Loi; it wasn't great, but it was home."  Roger Mallory  HHB 6/27th Arty, 1/69-1/70 (Note:  Roger is in the photo, 1st row, far right, above - soldier with no shirt enjoying a break in sand bag filling). 

Special thanks to Larry Hutchison for providing this series of photos.  Click Here to see more of Larry's Quan Loi Photos


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