Views of the "Frenchman's" Swimming Pool at Quan Loi, Vietnam


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This is me, John Wavra, talking to you from 32 - (now 46) years ago. 

How many of you remember or even know about the mini "Shangri La" that was located just east of "A" Battery at Quan Loi, Vietnam?

"Off Limits" to all U.S. Military Personnel until Feb 1970 this "preserved" area was a part of the French Terre Rouge Rubber Corporation.  In its confines was a regulation grass tennis court and what the French described as "the most beautifully constructed pool in the Republic of Vietnam". Who'd a thought it?  

Come along with me now as I take you back on a photo journey to that "oasis" in the red dust bowl that was Quan Loi.     

  Okay - Let's Go


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